About the Authors

  • Jennifer Dwojakowski, Rene Ribant-Amthor, Andrew Renaud and Sarah White
  • Dakota High School Integrated Team Teachers
  • 21051 21 Mile Road, Macomb, MI 48044


Team Experiences and Accomplishments

1998 - Present

Create and maintain a four-subject integrated team

  • Create and implement integrated units and curriculum aligned with local, state and national standards and benchmarks in biology, social studies, math, and English
  • Integrate employability skills into curriculum
  • Create a student-based learning community
  • Collect statistical and anecdotal evidence of effect of teaming on student achievement and attitudes
  • Student support services including base groups / homerooms, after-school tutorials and extra organization sessions
  • Development of modes of communication including, but not limited to, Web sites, cable station presentations, newsletters and local newspapers

Heterogeneous Student Grouping

  • Accommodate for students' various learning needs in a heterogeneous learning community
  • Develop and implement honors biology curriculum
  • Work with special needs students to ensure their success

Develop, implement and take part in meaningful learning experiences for students

  • Career Day
  • Group initiatives and team-building activities
  • Use field trips to enhance curriculum
  • Block scheduling and integrated lessons and projects
  • Day of Caring (Organized by Key Club)
  • Annual Boat Regatta (Organized by Tech Design Department)

Education Leaders and Collaborators

  • Two years as part of the Making Connections workshops
  • Two years as Making Connections Presenters
  • Presenters at the 2001 Michigan State NCA Conference
  • Presenters at the 2002 National Career Tech Preparation Conference
  • Presenters at the 2003 MCSS State Conference
  • Visited by other school districts interested in teaming to serve as role models
  • Worked with Macomb Community College on pilot program to align high school, college and CTE curriculum

Team Professional and Curriculum Development

  • High Schools That Work Conference, July 2003
  • Making Connections Workshops, 2000 – 2003
  • Walloon Progressive Teaching Institute, July 2002
  • Health Occupations Project, Winter 2002
  • Roger Taylor Integrated Curriculum Workshop, June 2001

Teacher Biographies

Jennifer Dwojakowski

  • Michigan State University, B.S. in Biology (1994)
  • Michigan Professional Certificate, Secondary Science, Wayne State University
  • Wayne State University, MAT (1997)
  • Eight years of teaching experience
  • Three years of practical experience as a Chemical Formulator / Researcher and Quality Analyst for a lawn and garden company
  • Member of NSTA

Rene Ribant-Amthor

  • Northern Michigan University, B.A. in English and Speech Communications (1997)
  • Michigan Secondary Teaching Certificate (1997)
  • Central Michigan University, M.A. in Humanities (2002)
  • Nine years of teaching experience

Andrew Renaud

  • University of Michigan, Dearborn, Michigan B.S. in Mathematics (1995)
  • Michigan Professional Certificate, Mathematics and Social Sciences
  • Saginaw Valley State University, MAT (2001)
  • Six years of teaching experience
  • Three years of practical experience as a Wage and Salary Analyst / Survey Analyst for the Detroit Medical Center and the American Society of Employers
  • Member NCTM

Sarah White

  • Eastern Michigan University, B.A. in History (1995)
  • Michigan Secondary Teaching Certificate (1995)
  • Saginaw Valley State University, MAT (1999)
  • National Board Certified Teacher (2003)
  • Presenter at MEA Professional Development Conference (2004)
  • Member of the Michigan Educators Network
  • Nine years of teaching experience
  • Member of NCSS and MCSS
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